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Proper training of appropriate personnel is an extremely important factor in operation, maintenance and ultimately profitability of any production unit. In some instances the need for who to train and what to train on is readily evident, in other instances the need may not be clear. Universal Automation provides services in both instances on variety of products, software and hardware of many different companies, such as Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation, and GE.

We provide Training Needs Analysis to determine who needs what kind of training when and how much in order to best help achieve your organization goals. Our consultants document their findings and recommend appropriate solution for each need. Possible solutions include:

  • Standard training courses provided by a local community college, a manufacturer, or Universal Automation.

  • Custom training at or outside customer site.

  • Taking a refresher course.

  • Providing job aids.

  • Self-teach by following tutorial of some softwares such as Microsoft windows operating system.

Our consultants have years of experience in providing automation courses. These courses include:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

  • Allen-Bradley Control Coprocessor.

Our customers written comments on the effectiveness and ease of learning complex subjects, in a pleasant and interesting manner, are the best testimony for our successful training programs.