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Communication Network analysis and design

Communication networks, for I/O control or data collection purposes, are the back bone of industrial automation. Proper selection and installation of hardware, software, and cabling are essential for having a trouble-free communication network. Universal Automation consultants evaluate your application and recommend proper network choice to meet your communication goals. We point out advantages and disadvantages of different networks such as Ethernet, Allen-Bradley DH+, ControlNet, and remote I/O. For SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, a telemetry network may be used. We design the network based on topology, transmission mode, link media, and protocol.

We recommend:

  • Data Communication Equipment (DCE) based on:

  • Application, link media, transmission requirements, diagnostic requirements, and master and remote station need.

  • Master Station based on:

  • Application, required functionality such as number of I/O to scan, amount of data to be collected, and operator interface needed, number of remote stations, and protocol used.

  • Operator Interface Station.

  • Remote Stations based on:

  • Application, required functionality, number of I/O points being used, space, power availability, and location of the remote station.