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Design, enhancement, or upgrade of HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE

Plant-wide information gathering  from PLCs and other sources provides an extremely valuable tool for various levels of an industrial organization. In a typical plant, one or more computers collect real time data from PLCs and other intelligent devices by using a communication network (Local Area Network or Telemetry network). The computer collects the data to monitor and control various remote functions and processes. This method of computer "supervision" over other intelligent machines is called Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). SCADA provides the means for Human to Interface  with Machines (Human-Machine Interface or HMI) for various purposes. Different levels of an industrial organization need the plant data for different reasons. Typical examples are:

  • Operators use dynamic graphics and information screens for monitoring and controlling.

  • Maintenance personnel use real-time data and alarm information for troubleshooting and preventing lengthy down times.

  • Quality control personnel use the data to address quality issues.

  • Management uses the data for production planning and scheduling.

Depending on the situation Universal Automation consultants provide the following services to achieve your HMI goals:

  1. For new plants:

  • Guide you in selecting the proper HMI software and hardware.

  • Design the application software to meet all your HMI needs.

  • Start-up and installation.

  1. For existing plants:

  • Expand or revise the current HMI application software as needed, or

  • Replace the current HMI system to best address your current and future HMI needs. We provide the services mentioned for new plants in this case, or

  • Upgrade the current HMI system. We make sure of system integrity and stability.